Big Businesses

Our large clients require a much different service level than our small business clients. Several of our larger clients are in the construction industry, others are in the manufacturing or sales arena. Clients of this size usually require an audit and a tax return. The additional services usually consist of consulting of some sort.

Small Businesses

Swallen is able to help small businesses of all industries. A few industries we currently service are the restaurant industry, golf course industry, service industries (engineering, marketing, IT), auto repair and service shops, physicians’ offices, attorney offices, etc.


Labor unions file LM’s with the Department of Labor and 990’s with the IRS. In addition to issuing an audit for our union clients, Swallen is often required to issue a fair share/core fee calculation for use when collecting dues. Swallen understands the structure and organization of a union, audits the financial data of the union, and prepares the appropriate filings with each taxing authority.

Construction Companies

Our niche is construction – we understand work-in-process schedules and how they integrate with the basic financial statement. We provide the following services for construction companies:
– Construction Accounting
– Asset Management Consulting
– Contractor Payroll
– Job Cost Reporting
– Liability Management