Bookkeeping Services

Swallen is able to help its bookkeeping clients not only reconcile their bank and post their transactions but also pay their employees, file their payroll taxes, file their sales tax, file their CAT tax, and file their income tax at year-end. This is not an exhaustive list – we also offer general business consulting and much more.


Swallen offers various levels of assurance work based on client need. Many times clients can have a reviewed or compiled financial statement issued in lieu of an audit to save time and money. Swallen works closely with clients of all sizes to determine their needs.


Our construction clients need audits for bonding. Many other clients need an audit for lending or other banking purposes. Still others need an audit for their shareholders or investors. Swallen is able to work closely with clients to issue a fair opinion based on the appropriate audit scope.

Tax Returns

We are able to offer a package to business clients that includes not only their business returns, but their personal returns as well. Swallen enjoys helping clients with all tax matters.


Swallen is able to help clients make journal entries, understand general accounting concepts and design financial statements that will help accurately depict their financial position.